Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Marketing for Mediators

I thought today we'd talk about niches. You know, those little pockets of business, that if deep and narrow enough, can sustain a mediation practice. I have a niche business and find it fascinating because I'm really learning so much about my client's business and challenges.

Instead, I feel compelled to tell you about Robert Middleton and Action Plan Marketing. Yes, it's too early to seriously be thinking about your marketing message. Shoot, I hope you're still figuring out if you want to run a mediation practice and who best to serve. But I couldn't resist because his message today was so relevant.

Read this issue of More Clients here. It'll only take 3 minutes to read and you'll be glad you did.

What's it about? Marketing with Integrity.

For mediators, at least for me, that's the bottom line-integrity. Sure, I want lots of business. Who doesn't? But I don't want to frighten people. You've seen those ads that strike terror and doubt in your heart. In a business that depends so heavily on trust and honesty, fear tactics just don't make sense or good business.

I'm not interested in increasing anyone's fear; I'm committed to decreasing the amount of fear and worry that surround tough conversations at work. It's a small thing that resonates with some people--and those people become my clients.

Concentrate on one or two things you're committed to doing in the mdiation world and make those your focus of your marketing. You'll feel better about marketing your business and yourself.

Now, if you need some help formulating marketing strategy, you gotta get Robert's book, the Infoguru Manual. It's got to be one of the most comforting, easy to use marketing tools I've ever come across. Check out the Infoguru Manual. (And just so you know, neither of these links is an affiliate link. I get zilch for recommending Robert to you except the satisfaction of knowing you'll do better because of his work.)

More on niches soon. And, I hope to have an interview with Diane Levin very soon. You remember, she's the fabulous mediator who writes Online Guide to Mediation,the first woman-owned continuously published ADR blog in the US!

Ciao, Dina


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