Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What Do You Bring to the Table?

Yesterday, you did a bit of soul-searching about recognizing your own capacity to run a business. Knowing the answer seems critical to getting started and having the 'cahones' to pull the whole thing off. If you don't know, I dare say, don't start yet.

Today, I spent my morning co-teaching a course with my dear friend and colleague, David Hoffman, Esq. who reminded me how much the personal qualities of a mediator can be a factor in mediation.

Each mediator, he says, brings her own special brand of peacemaking into the mediation room. (Read more about David and his book, Bringing Peace into the Room by visiting at Boston Law Collaboratve

So the question is: what gifts do you bring to the table as a mediator??

Dig deep, people. Don't go for the obvious answer. Ask yourself what is it
about your presence, your spirit, your life that enables you to serve others in
conflict? Take your time. Think back on past mediations for clues.

There will be days when you doubt yourself (and your clients will doubt you,too). It's important to have this bit of self-knowledge when things are tough.

What do I bring? The answer has changed over time. Years ago, it was my light-heartedness and quick wit that kept my mediations on track.

Now, it's my patience, my optimism and my deep belief in people and the process. I've witnessed some amazing settlements that couldn't have happened anywhere except mediation. My faith motivates me and my parties.

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Ciao, Dina


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