Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Great Idea- Yours Fr*e

You know how, sometimes, a really annoying song
pops into your head,unbidden, and drives crazy
until you sing the lyrics just once?

Yesterday, while working on another article for my website, I had
a stray idea, a happy accident. Just a great idea that like that
annoying song I can't get rid of until I tell somebody.

Great Idea #1

Because mediators are more high touch than high tech, it
takes us a while to get tech comfy, much less savvy.

There is definitely a market for an emerging mediator with
a background in webmastering or online marketing to offer
services for blog or website maintanence.

No Joke. This came to me while I was collecting directories to submit
Mediation Mensch. It struck me that I'd really like to find
a comprenhensive list somewhere that I could easily adapt to
my specific purposes as an ADR provider.

Then I laughed and thought I'd be in heaven
if someone would submit to the list for me.
Viola! A customer need was identified! Hey, I'm not alone
in wishing this maintenance thing could be:

  • quicker to do

  • easier to understand

  • automated

Think of all the repetitive, technical stuff it takes to keep a
website or blog at the top of the search engines and
flush with traffic!

Even better, your clients could trust you to represent
them in ethical and appropriate ways because you're a
mediator, too. Solo mediators would pay for
that kind of convenience, don't you think?

Somebody Please Take this Great Idea!

I mean it. Take this great idea and build a very profitable
mediation business. Don't forget to write and tell us all about
it. I can't wait to hear how you make out.

It's been my lifelong practice to give away good ideas, and this one
is for you. When you keep your fist closed nothing gets out, but
nothing gets in either.

Oy! Finally, I can think about someting else...Ciao, Dina


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