Thursday, December 22, 2005

Extra Value- Florida Mediator

Touring around the blogosphere I ran across the
Florida Mediator penned by Perry Itkin. The blog
provides up to the minute information and case law
involving mediation and other ADR processes. Hmmm,
I thought, what can I make of this?

Two things came to mind. Can you guess?

First, Perry is supplying valuable information to
all mediators. His recent post about the enforceability
of dispute resolution programs
was interesting and
directly on point for my Ombuds business. I now
have another persuasion point to use with my
prospective clients. If I had a referral for a
Florida mediator, I'd turn to Perry because he's
already demonstrated that he's a thoughtful practitioner
by keeping up to date.

Second, his blog is a good example of offering services to
the service providers. What could you do to help other
mediators or ADR professionals enter or succeed in your
selected niche?

It's not always about delivering the product
yourself. That's why I'm developing a business growth
program that will assist my fellow mediators to break
into the small business market segment. Fearless
Conversations Business Growth Program will each you in
three easy modules how to select and research your niche;
reach out to that group and deliver a short program that
whets their appetite for more ADR work.

The program will launch next year, but if you want to
give me some feedback on what I should include, I'm all ears!

How can you take the lessons of Perry Itkin and make them
work for you?

Try, Fail, Learn



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