Thursday, January 19, 2006

Take this Idea- Please!

Great ideas are everywhere. Everywhere, people!

This afternoon I was doing my research into Human Resources Outsourcing companies. While reading through an industry forecast for 2006, the idea struck me.

(Incidentally, first quarter is an excellent time to do business research on new market opportunities. Just about every association will have a publication or article that summaries the past year with predictions for the coming year, or an industry forecast for the year ahead. Why struggle? Your market's goals and struggles are all right there for you.)

Ah, the idea.

One of the trends for small to mid-size companies is outsourcing HR core functions. Many types of companies are doing it, including those business center companies like HQ here in Boston and Cambridge. The light bulb damn near exploded.

Wouldn't it be keen if a business mediator made an alliance with one of those office space rental companies to provide services to the tenants???

Talk about a win-win. The company can offer a unique service to prospective renters that distinguishes them in a price-driven marketplace and the mediator gets a build-in caseload. Even if the mediator simply resolved issues between the landlord and tenant that could conceivable keep somebody pretty busy.

So I beg someone, please take this great idea for building a mediation practice. Take it. Run with it. And, for goodness sake, let me know how it all turns out!

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow.



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