Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not Just a Living

The world can be a miraculous place if you pay attention. More and more I believe in a force that works to bring people and things together, a sort of synchronicity. Here’s my most recent example of how the universe acts on intentions.

I got an email from Mark Henricks, a freelance journalist, who writes for various major business publications including the Wall Street Journal. Mark wanted an interview for Entrepreneur magazine. I could have just written back but I had a feeling. Go to his website and learn more. So I did. Guess what, Mark and I have something in common: lifestyle entrepreneurship.

You see, Mark is the author of "Not Just a Living", a guide on a new business model. It tells the tales of hundreds of entrepreneurs who’ve taken up the challenge of creating exactly the life they desire, which includes meaningful work. Mark studies lifestyle entrepreneurs like me. It’s my intention to devote the next five years to designing my dream life. My intention, which I share freely with everyone, is beginning to bring the people and things I need to me. I’m excited about meeting Mark, not only because of the possible interview, but because he can help me get a step closer to my vision.

Two big lessons jump out at me:

Listen to that voice! You know, the one you tend to ignore because, well, it’s not rational or realistic. Make a promise to listen and obey the next few times you hear it. I bet you’ll discover that your inner guide knows all kinds of great stuff.

Share your vision! Start talking about what you see as your work and life, even when you don’t have it all worked out yet. (I’ll tell you more about my BIG plan soon). There’s a power in voicing your dreams, and heck, you never know who can help move you one step nearer to your soul’s desire.

What does all this mean to you? Consider if your ADR practice can be your vehicle to a lifestyle business that supports and inspires you.

Try. Learn. Fail. Grow.



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