Thursday, May 18, 2006

Check out Pink Magazine

Yes, I am a magazine addict. But in a good way. My best friend, Kat, once said that all I'd need to be happy on a desert island would be subscriptions to some of my favorite periodicals.

Anyway, I checked out Pink magazine and liked it. It's tagline is: finally a magazine for professional women! This magazine caters to women who are mature and rising in their careers. What's not to like about that?

Pink talks about women in non-traditional careers; brings insights to managing money; and talks about the "B" word: Balance.

Now, I know anecdotally that there are many, many women in the ADR field. My frustration is that our profession looks a like a pyramid with a few highly recognized, highly compensated men at the pinnacle with more or less recognized, not-as-well compensated, women making the foundation. (This is my opinion and may not bear any resemblance to reality, I know.)

Empowering women to make names as ADR professionals makes sense not only for the profession itself (we'll leave other diversity issues for another discussion) but for those who come after. Where are the female role models?

As I climb down off this big soapbox I'll leave you with five secrets of success from Cathie Black, who is featured on Pink's April/May cover. She turned Hearst Magazines, including Cosmo, Oprah, and Good Housekeeping, into the media powerhouse it is today.

Cathie says:

  1. Have fun

  2. Be Fearless

  3. Live Big

  4. Cherish Family and Friends

  5. Enjoy it All

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow.



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