Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mediation Marketing Keys Revealed

"Simply terrific!" "Thanks for the wonderful insights." "I learned specific concepts to apply to marketing mediation."

Just a few comments from the satisfied participants who attended 3 Keys to Unlocking Mediator Income this past Tuesday.

I loved doing this call because participants really took good advantage of the information I shared. One person let me know that he ordered the books I suggested on pricing while we were on the call. Someone else wrote saying that she now feels like she has an action plan to identify her unique niche. Personally, I'm thrilled.

Best of all, I was able to do a bit of 'on the spot' coaching with someone who wanted to clarify what was unique about her divorce mediation practice. That got me thinking about how some mediators might start to think of themselves as a commodity, just one amongst many practitioners. I'm addressing that in the next call- Attracting Your Ideal Client: Find Your Niche.

Anyway, fun was had by all. If you didn't join the call, hey we missed you. But you don't have to miss out. You can order your copy of the audio on Friday-that's tomorrow. Simply visit my Laser Call Library at

By the way, here are the next upcoming two teleseminars:

Weds, Oct 4, 2006- Attracting Your Ideal Clients: Find Your Niche
What would your practice be like if good, paying clients came looking for you?
You can register here.

Tues, Oct 17, 2006- Three Sentences that Keep Mediators Poor!
Rid yourself of negative thoughts that prevent you from succeeding.
Send blank email to sign up for this no-cost teleseminar

If you attended Tuesday's call, why not leave a comment telling others what you enjoyed most. Thanks!

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