Monday, September 11, 2006

Podcamp and the Episcopal Church

Honestly, these two things do have something in common: mediators


Boston mediators and those nearby, if you missed Podcamp, you missed a lot.
The conference was filled with interesting and informative speakers. Best of all, there are all kinds of summary reports and podcasts available.

Stop by Leesa Barnes' site, Podonomics to learn some of the highlights of the un-conference; or, visit to see the recorded podcasts available.


One of the lead stories on NPR this morning was the 3 day meetings of church leaders to discuss the growing rift in the church. Here's the link to the NPR story:

Dave Hall is a church leader from Kansas who is really interested in using mediation to strengthen the sense of community within his flock. We've talked many times about how clergy are naturally called upon to be mediators and training would be ideal for people in that role.

Dave let me know about Peacemakers who say their mission is to equip Christians to handle conflict biblically. While I can't vouch for their entire message, I do agree that there is a need for this type of work.

What's this mean to you?

Mediators, are you listening? Is this a niche that grabs you? Evaluate the key niche factors (identifiable group; with a problem it desires to solve problem; willingness to pay; ability to be reached, etc.) and decide if this niche is worth considering? More to come on key niche factors in an upcoming teleseminar!

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!



At 7:33 AM, Blogger StudentloanNetworker said...

I love that you've been able to tie these two together. It's true - the niche is important, but so is passion, and I hope that both PodCampers and churches can find and transmit both!


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