Sunday, September 24, 2006

Virtual Seminar

I'm a big geek at heart. I love using the Internet to expand my horizon, to explore new ideas, and to connect with people I just wouldn't know otherwise.

Normally, I say yuck when I see ads on the 'Net for programs making unbelievable claims. You know the ones: Work 3 hours a day and make millions! Anyone can be an online marketing millionaire!!! Yuck.

However, occasionally I find someone who uses those 'carnival barker' tactics who has a real message that delivers value. Alex Mandossian is in that category. He has terrific ideas that can work for us mediators, even if they need a bit of, eh, adjustment.

That said, below is the link for an upcoming seminar Alex is hosting called Virtual Seminar week. It brings together a collection of interesting folks to talk about matters online and off, and even has a B celebrity or two (kendra Todd from the Apprentice will be a speaker). If you enroll before tickets go on sale on Sept. 26th, you'll get some great ideas, and I'll get a bit of cash. Here's the link:

Check out this 'virtual seminar' happening soon. I'll be attending... let me know what YOU think.

If you prefer you can go directly to and sign up without me. Either way, please sign up if you're exploring marketing your mediation practice online. Truly, it can be done tastefully.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!


PS Many, many thanks to everyone who attended the open enrollment for 3 Keys to Unlocking Mediator Income. Your presence and ideas made the call a huge success!

Our next free teleseminar, 3 Sentences That Keep Mediator Poor, will be held on October October 17, 2006 at 3-4 p.m.
Send a blank email to Early worms like me who register by Oct 3 will receive the special report, Finding Your Right Price, as a bonus.


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