Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cognitive Dissonance and Mediation

Geoff Sharp, author of mediator blah..blah ,is one dedicated ADR blogger. He'll go almost to the ends ofthe earth- literally Fiji- to
seek out truths and expand his knowledge.
(next time can I tag along, Geoff? )

Could I have Done Better?

Geoff's observations entitled, Post-Decision Dissonance, is a discussion on 'parties remorse' after a mediation really got me thinking. Here's a bit of what he wrote:

    But do I have a role as mediator to involve myself in something that may or may not take place after the mediation?

    Well duh, I think so... durable outcomes, settlement stickability... ring a bell?

    Last week's decision of the California Court of Appeal in Simmons v. Lida Ghaderi should remind us of the importance of that.

    We may also get some clues on what mediators should do when faced with buyer's remorse from advice to lawyers when faced with the same problem in an out of court settlement...'cognitive dissonance theory reminds us that anxiety stalks our clients from the time they select us to work for them... Smart lawyers will try to eliminate doubt and ambiguity in client relations by...

Preparing the Way

I agree with Geoff that it is part of a mediator's role to assist parties to become comfortable with their agreement at the table and beyond. Parties at my mediating table definitely spend time considering- how's this going play back at the ranch?

Taking it one step further, I believe, as ADR entrepreneurs, we should try to eliminate doubt and ambiguity for our potential clients, too.

What does that mean for you? Talk to your niche in such an authentic way so no one will wonder- will I get taken by working with her?

October 12 Marketing Excellence

To help answer that question and others, Geoff Sharp's getting together with some of my favorite online folks (Robert Ambrogi and Diane Levin) for a panel discussion on marketing. It looks like a terrific event, and I'm definitely going. The details are below.

Marketing Mediation Excellence will be the theme of a free online teleconference to be presented by a group of mediators and lawyers OCT 11, 2006-- Robert Ambrogi, Diane Levin, Gini Nelson, Geoff Sharp and Louise Wildee -- at 11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern, 7 pm UK/Ireland, and 6 am (the next day in) New Zealand.

The panelists will open with a brief overview of marketing and the internet and then discuss the use of several online publishing tools: web sites, e-newsletters and web journals or web logs aka blogs to market your practice.

The one hour program will consist of a 40 minute presentation by the panel and that will be followed by 20 minutes for questions and further discussion of the topic. You may connect via long distance telephone or voice over the internet using Skype which requires a high speed internet connection. Further information about the program and making the connection here


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