Sunday, October 01, 2006

Do You Need a Website? Yeah.

Yeah, you do. We're in the fast-moving age of digital communications. A good deal of our knowledge of the world comes from the Internet so it seems wise to invest in a website.

Personally, I tend not to shop with vendors of any kind that don't have a website. Why? A purely biased consumer reaction. When a company doesn't have a website or a separate email address (no hotmail, gmail) I start to wonder if this company, or practitioner, is 'out-of-date', too.

Having said that, I will say I completely understand how bewildering it is to think about designing a good website. (I'm on my 4th right now and it gets better) There are a lot of choices.

Here are a few basic thoughts about websites for mediators that might be helpful:

  1. Buy your own domain name Registry and hosting fees are so low now so it's affordable and it takes the professionalism a whole new level.

  2. Hire a Designer A good web designer will help you customize your site so that it really represents you and your work. That's essential when marketing. A 5 page site by a reputable and talented designer can be had for under $600.

  3. Create a Multimedia Feel The Web is a very immediate, intimate and compelling medium. Enable your potential clients to experience you through audio, visual and the written input.

  4. Offer something of value Most mediator websites are like online versions of a brochures, loaded with credentials and services meant to impress. Surprise visitors by giving them something that they can use instead. They'll remember you and you'll grow your mailing list.

By following these basic guidelines, you can turn a simple 2 page website into a very fine tool for engaging new clients.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!


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