Friday, October 20, 2006

What are You Gaining by Losing?

Curious question, huh?  As usual I started thinking about this because of my home life.  You see, kind reader, I can't work the DVD player.

Baffling but true.  I need either my husband or one of my children to start a DVD for me.  It's so embarrassing to say that you'd think that I'd do something like learn how to use the darned thing.  Nope.  I'd rather wait for one of them.

That's so illogical and unlike me that I got to thinking-what do I gain by not learning to do this for myself?

I realized that having my family rally around for my TV enjoyment gives me a sense of being taken care of and loved, although it seems silly to say.  I ask because it re-confirms that they care for me and will take time out to help me when needed.  Who knew all those emotions and thoughts were behind such a small act?

It made me ponder what else I'm refusing to do and why?  Didn't take long until I realized I'd put off learning a slew of software that will/does make my life easier.  I haven't mastered Quickbooks.  I'm still figuring out the new features on Membergate, my proprietary software that runs the newly redesigned ADRPracticebuilder.  There are others including all the social networking software.

What gives?  As I sit with the question several thoughts come to mind.  I'm not learning this stuff because <em>it will make my life easier</em>.  I've always had to work hard, very hard, for my successes so easy seems odd to me.  I'd almost rather do it the complicated, stress-inducing way just so I can revel in my accomplishment. Now, I don't mean to turn this into an MTV confessional.  It just strikes me that others probably struggle with the same issues.  

And, the funny thing is once actually take up the task I've been avoiding I get such enjoyment out of learning the new stuff. I bet it's the same for some of you. My worry or anxiety has only been a negative assumption or prediction.

<em>What does this mean to you?</em>  Check to make sure you're not an obstacle to yourself.  Tackle one task that you've been putting off and see how you feel about yourself, about accomplishment, about learning and, mostly about succeeding.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow.


PS I'll be at the ACR conference in Philly for the rest of the week. Say hello to me if you'll be there, too.


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