Monday, January 01, 2007

Magically Solve Your Niches Problems

You don't have to be pychic or the Amazing Kreskin to magically solve the concerns of your niche market. You can do that easily with a bit of research.

How? By reading year end reports and letters. Most associations or groups have newsletters that contain letters from their leaders or presidents that reflect on the past year and float some goals for the new one. Non-profit organizations typically do an annual report that contains some interesting information.

Case in point. At one time I was interested in administrative assistants, a very underserved population in my opinion. I checked their website and discovered in a annual report that included a member survey that one of their goals for the coming year was to increase their skill at managing interpersonal disputes. Bingo! I contacted them, referenced the report and went on to speak at one of their events. You, my fellow mediators, can do the same.

So, read a few year end reports or newsletters. You'll enrich your knowledge of your niche (always a good thing) and marketing opportunitites will appear like magic!

If you've already worked this type of magic, definitely let us know by leaving a comment.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!



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