Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mediators, Confound Expectations!

Foodies unite! I am a serious foodie wannabe. I love watching cooking shows and thinking about food. Eating it isn't bad either. The other night Anthony Bourdain, the author of Kitchen Confessions, was promo-ing the new season of his travel/cooking show No Reservations and said something, well, profound.

He said he wants to confound the expectations of his viewers. To him that means, each time a show airs he wants the audience to say, "what the heck? Is this No Reservations?" because he's presenting something new, exciting, or a twist on something conventional.

Very interesting, huh. I'm gonna confound expectations with

To me that means that not only will the site offer information about marketing and business development tailored to our needs as ADR types but there will be a real connection on a personal level in the discussion group and throughout the site. I enjoy making surprise calls to members (I've already made a few to coaching clients) and really look forward to hearing
what members want and need.

So, that's my commitment. I want to confound your expectations.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!



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