Thursday, January 04, 2007

The New Launches Tomorrow!, newly designed, launches as a membership site tomorrow, January 5, 2007. I can hardly believe it.

I want to give a big shout out to my team, Ericka, Tom, Tim and Valerie. Without their support and encouragement, I doubt ADRPB would be the premier marketing site for mediators that it is today.

I also want to send a thanks to the Circle of Excellence panelists who bring such practical and thoughtful insights to the site. Each one represents a point of view that I believe is essential not only to building a great mediation practice, but to enjoying it as well.

My family deserves a boatload of gratitude as well. What newlywed wants to spend his first year of marriage dealing with a woman obsessed with changing the demand for alternative dispute resolution? Yet, my Peter has been nothing but supportive, even when it mean ordering me to come to bed at some ridiculous hour in the morning. Kaitie and Jared Lynch may consider themselves ' entrepreneur orphans' but hopefully they see from my actions that it's quite possible to create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Last but not least, thank you, my dear readers. You inspired it all from the start. It breaks my heart to realize that some very skillful mediators, facilitators, trainers, Ombuds leave the field each year. Now, more than ever we need every type of peacemaker we have to deal with a troubled world. The site is filled with tools to help you serve others while caring for yourself and your family.

Drop by the site tomorrow and let me know what you think. is for you.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!



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