Monday, January 15, 2007

Thanks-3 Keys to Making Money as a Mediator

Remember how I said I wanted this year to be about surrendipity and intention? Thanks for giving me a great big surprise, one I could never have predicted.

Tomorrow I'm hosting my teleseminar, 3 Keys for Making Money as a Mediator (otherwise known as 3 Keys for Unlocking Mediator Income) in conjunction with Julie Denny, who is president of the Greater New York Chapter of ACR. Julie and I expected about 30 or so of her folks to join us to talk about the three marketing actions that can support and grow a mediation practice.

Well, that's where intention and the universe took over...

There are over 350 registrants and the list continues to grow. Amazing.

Colleagues ask me how I did that. Sure, I can take some of the credit. This topic really resonates with mediators and other ADR types. I generally practice what I preach so I used the techniques I know to attract my niche. And, the price is right.

But, the real credit goes to friends and colleagues who reached out with help and encouragement, who spread the word, who registered! Thanks to everyone.

What does this mean to you? Put your intentions into the universe. Say, think, dream about how you want to live your life and then everyday take some step-small or large- to manifest it into reality. You'll get back everything you put in and a whole lot more!

By the way, you're welcome to join us Tuesday at 9 a.m. I plan to send out my last batch of instructions today at 3 p.m. so you have until then to register by email.

Try. Fail. Learn. Be Astonished


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At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Monica said...

I completely believe in the power of intention ... so here I go ... I am printing business cards so when I reach potential leads to clients, I will be prepared for them to be able to contact me. In the next six months I will have a web site (page at least!) up and running.

Okay ... so ... with that being said ... looking forward to reading lots on your site in the upcoming year!
Thank you for your encouraging words and I love your tip about article writing!


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