Monday, March 26, 2007

Become an Ombuds

Ombuds are everywhere, and making news!

Recently, Senator Grassley requested a briefing from the Ombuds at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The external consulting firm that provides the services to CDSP, which has experienced low morale and turnovers, declined the invitation. The contest of wills that's developing will impact the way Ombuds interact and practice for years to come. You can read the Atlantic Journal story here.

More about the lives of Ombuds

Curious about what Ombuds do when they're not fending off challenges to confidentiality? On March 29th I'll have the distinct honor of interviewing two highly skilled Ombuds who will discuss their career paths and the future of the profession. (Unfortunately, our third guest isn't able to join us)

Toni Robinson has had several interesting turns as she journeyed from external Ombuds consultant for a large corporate client to being an academic Ombuds at MIT.

Jane Bermont holds a unique position as external Ombuds for a law firm and has experienced the challenges and joys of being an Ombuds during a merger.

If you've ever considered becoming an Ombuds, don't miss your chance to talk to two fine practitioners on Thursday, March 29 from 11-12 noon EST! Sign up here!

And, definitely start reading Tom Kosakowski's blog that covers all things Ombuds.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!




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