Thursday, March 22, 2007

Introducing Nancy Milton of Progress Mediation

Inspiration is everywhere if you will open your eyes and look. One of my best sources of inspiration, and the most fun, is the membership of I'm continually energized and inspired by the exchange of ideas, information and fun we have in this innovative group of mediation entrepreners. Here's what I mean.

Creating a niche for your practice is part of mediation marketing. It takes research and planning to select the right one and focus to understand your niches concerns and interests. I challenged my members to formulate a niche profile- a characterization of one segment of your niche- during a recent contest.

Niche Profiles

Niche profiles aren't dry, boring demographics. Profiles are rich with the details and personality of your niche and fun to write.

Our Winner...

Nancy Milton is the winner of the niche profile contest. She's a family mediator from Elk Grove, CA near Sacremento, who founded Progress Mediation. Here's her winning profile:

Well, here goes - my niche profile. I see them as a group - a family who are deeply concerned about the welfare of their elderly mother. You have Julie, the oldest sister, and her two younger brothers, Tom and Sean.

Their father passed away several months ago and their mother is still living in the family home. She is getting weaker, but insists that she can still drive her 1987 Buick to the grocery store and church. Her children are very concerned about her safety. Julie and Tom live in the same town and Sean is about two hours away. They want to sit down with their mother with the help of a mediator to sort out the issues of her safety, where she will live, and her finances.

All of these are wonderful issues for Elder Mediation. The children and Mom are coming to mediation voluntarily with an eagerness to figure out their options. This is one of my niche profiles working with families. Thanks for reading it.

Clear as a Bell

What a great profile. Just reading it, I get a sense of this family and what some of their concerns might be.

Her profile also brings to mind questions about Mom and what interests or fears she faces during this transition. You can see how this concrete scenario gives Nancy a place to start planning marketing materials and products that will address the needs of this imaginary family, and by doing so, attract real clients. What I really appreciate is that Nancy took a moment to set an expectation about the kind of client behavior she'd like: voluntary and willing to get things resolved.

Congrats! Nancy, well done!




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