Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Mediator's Gift
Rafi Mohammed,

Tomorrow, you will have a rare opportunity.

Today, I had one myself. I had the privilege of speaking with Rafi Mohammed, the author of The Art of Pricing, and founder of as we prepare our conversation about mediation marketing, profits and pricing on
this Thursday, March 22nd at 1 p.m. EST

This call
promises to be fun, thought-provoking and downright inspirational.

It's Nice to be Acknowledged
Not only is Rafi an all-around nice guy, but he gets mediators! I was impressed by how well he used the 'tricks of our trade'- listening actively; asking clarifying questions like, "What does retainer mean to you?" and probing further to delve into how best to serve you on the call.

We planned and pondered interesting questions like this one:
Why do people who build such tremendous value in the world (like mediators) have such a difficult time being financially rewarded for it?

Honestly, I could've talked to him for hours. We're really on the same page about creating good pricing models, especially unbundling. (we discuss that during the 3 Keys teleseminar) I'm sure Rafi will touch on it during the 60 minute call which, I know, will fly by.

Don't Miss This One-Time-Only!Chance
While this may seem harsh, but I have to say it anyway:

You are not serious about having a profitable, sustainable practice if you miss this call.

There's just no good excuse (well, maybe an emergency). Mediators rarely, if ever, talk to each other about pricing and fees. Here is a golden opportunity to hear what your colleagues think and experience about money and profit. (Who knows what you'll discover?)

Mediation isn't a mainstream business yet. Successful mediators often have to adapt business concepts for use with little or no help. Here is a priceless opportunity talk personally with Rafi Mohammed, the pricing expert who wrote The Art of Pricing. (Imagine what you can learn!)

The Revolution will NOT be Recorded

and attend the call for those reasons, and one more:

This call will NOT be recorded. It's a live-only event that will NOT have a download available at the guest's request.

Normally, sends all registered attendees a recording of the telseminar, but I agreed to accommodate this request because Rafi has a new perspective and powerful tools that will improve your practice. Join the call; you won't regret it.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!



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