Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finding Your Niche in a RSS Haystack

How do you find and reach out to the people in your niche? Tough question, but a bit of ingenuity (and technology) can help. I’m talking about Really Simply Syndication (RSS).

What is RSS?

Eh, it’s hard to explain. The RSS wiki does a great job of explaining. Don’t ask me how it works; I don’t know. But I do know that just like electricity, it’s an essential tool that can make your (marketing) life easier every day.

How? RSS is a fantastic way to broadcast your articles, tips or other marketing materials right to the desktop of interested potential clients with very little effort on your part. Imagine being able to tap prospects on the shoulder electronically to offer your help.

Niche RSS Feeds

The more tailored your niche, the more difficult it can seem to actually find ways to reach them. I was thrilled to find (via my Yahoo RSS feed aggregator) an article on , a small business site, that shares a number of specialized niche feeds for a variety of industries like real estate, medical and law.

Fishing a Feed

There's amazing info waiting for you in a feed. Look at the types of feeds offered. Study a few to learn about new websites within your niche. For example, is a niche feed directory for the medical industry. Clicking through I came across several feeds like Health Education and Medical Association that lead to feeds and websites for different types of doctors ( a niche that’s notoriously difficult to reach).

What Does This Mean to You? Plenty! Add an RSS feed to your website or even articles. Research the links on feed pages for find even more Related Niche Groups (and you know how important they are) With a bit of curiosity, patience and tech savvy you can deliver help to thousands of folks and boost your web presence and traffic.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!




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