Friday, June 22, 2007

Co-Mediation like a Cool Jazz Duo

It's true that everything is everything.

Visiting the Healsburg Jazz Festival this past June ( a little treat after the Oakland Summit), I had the distinct pleasure of witnessing Julian Lage and Taylor Eigsti perform as the opening act for Jim Hall and Dave Holland. It was a gloriously rich and diverse concert that left me thinking about the improvising and collaboration that happens when we sit down with a fellow mediator to work.

A bit of background

Jim Hall is the foremost pioneer in jazz guitar; he invented a kind of harmonic style of play that was, and still is, unique. Julian Lage, a child prodigy on jazz guitar, seems to be Jim's heir apparent. His playing was joyful yet reverent and brought such freshness and excitement to old jazz standards.

Dave Holland is recognized as one of the finest bass performers in the world. And, I'd add a very nice man who was willing to chat with my husband, Peter, a jazz vibraphonist, in a chance meeting. I enjoyed his work for the same reason I enjoyed Taylor Eigsti, a phenomenal pianist and another child prodigy. Each is masterful at being present but not overwhelming, blending in yet being distinct in his contribution.

What's this got to do with mediation?

For some, maybe nothing. For me, I was taken with how each of the duos played off each other, playfully daring the other to 'top that'. They truly enjoyed themselves playing together, so much so I hesitate to call it working. Best of all, they liked and respected each other.

I've had the good fortune to mediate with some amazing practitioners over the years. I wish every reader the same experiences to grow and hone your craft. Most of us in practice tend to do solo work. I strongly encourage you to find ways to put a bit of co-mediation back into your life. The music will be richer for it.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!


PS I'll announce the Website Makeover contest rules this Friday!


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