Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Love Green, Part 1

I love The Green. What is it? The Green is the first regular programming devoted to the environment, brought to us by Robert Redford and it's magnificent TV (or should I say cable)

I regularly enjoy one of it's premier shows, Big Ideas for a Small Planet

The Green represents bold,innovative programming that is so smart in so many very cool ways I gotta share. Why? Because somewhere there are glimmers of ideas that we can translate to our own uses. Maybe conflict has a chance; nobody wanted to talk about global warming at first either.

I'm fascinated with the notion that:

  1. the programming takes misunderstood concepts about being green and global warming and makes them entertaining, educational and downright sexy.

  2. it promotes being proactive without resorting to scare tactics and fear-based marketing. I'm motivated to change my behaviors because it's good for the planet; it's great business and it's so darned hip!

  3. it inspires me to consider how I can personally make a difference (woven grocery bags for me)

  4. it normalizes a distant idea that one could easily avoid and personalizes it so that I can specifically see how global warming impacts my life and the value of being green.

I could go on, and I will in the companion post, I Love Green, Part 2. Eco-businesses definitely have something to teach us.

What does this mean to you? First, start watching the show. Really,you won't be disappointed; I promise you. Second, after a few episodes start thinking of how to 'green your mediation practice'.

Maybe I'll start a new meme and invite some of my favorite bloggers to ponder that question in their blogs. Oh Diane, Geoff and Vicki...

Try. Fail.Learn and Grow!




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