Monday, August 06, 2007

Claim Your Expertise & More!

Yeow! Monday's call with Linda Dessau was action-packed, and you know how much I like to get my folks moving.

Truly, the call was so well organized and presented, it was no surprise that attendees reported that they were going to start writing right away. Linda gave us all a vocabulary lesson(know what an article submission is, or a resource box?). She also gave us ample cures for the 'impostor syndrome' we all feel from time to time. (Hint 1)Write from your experiences, what's true for you. (Hint 2) We are all learners - we all know more than some and less than others. There are more gems in the audio available on

I love it when we have an impromptu coaching opportunity on the calls. Barbara, one registrant, worked with Linda to create her very own 'top 10' article during the call. Here's what Linda recommends you do as a writing exercise to create your top 10:

  1. Sit down for 3 minutes (can't say you don't have time!)

  2. Pick a compelling title (i.e. 5 Myths about...; 5 Common Questions about...; 5 Steps to..., etc)

  3. Write down the first 10-15 things that come to mind (no censuring yourself)

  4. Refine down to 5 points

  5. Write 3-5 sentences for each point

  6. Voila, Done!

While there's no hard and fast rule about how long your writing will take, try to do it in about 30-45 minutes. Then put it down to rest (you and the article). And revise again.

If you'd like some help with ideas, you can visit the 'Top 10 list Generator' on Linda's website. Think of it as a creative 'jumpstart'.

If you'd like your article to really shine (and who doesn't want to publish their best work?), Linda will give a good polish during a Power Edit for just $37.50. You'll have a professional article and learn from Linda how to do it yourself next time.

Sign up for the whole series which is a real bargain - live sessions, handouts and audio included.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!



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