Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tagged! 5 Web Resources I Use

This meme is fun; it's a bit like swapping receipes. I'm delighted that
Linda Dessau of Genuine Coaching tapped me on her list to talk about my five favorite web resources. Linda, who really is a reluctant writer's best friend, will be my guest on Monday, August 3rd to talk about how to write great articles quickly and get them published.

Anyway, I gave this some real thought, so here goes:

  1. a godsend program that completely changed the way I present teleseminars. I can now automate the entire reminder system and offer unlimited replays of calls. My coaching clients LOVE being able to grab every bit of a session.

  2. Duct Tape Marketing Blog- penned by John Janstch who always delivers thoughtful, resource heavy posts I don't like to miss. You'll love the tech resources he shares.

  3. Yahoo RSS Aggregator- It would be impossible for me to read all the great blogs that I do without having them right at my fingertips each morning. This is probably the easiest one to use.

  4. Image Chef- Who can say no to cute and personalized?! Image chef allows you to alter a standard picture from their gallery with your own words. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more, huh.

  5. Ebay- I'm embarking on a kitchen and bath renovation next week so I couldn't resist adding this one. What a resource! I've saved hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars by scouring ebay and craigslist for materials.

Bonus: Html Playground- I write code and this cheat sheet saves me time and a ton of aggravation.

Tessa Stowe of
Lisa Wells of
John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing
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Cindy Greenwood of MSOCI Dream Team

You've all been tagged and here are the rules according to Lara:

1. MUST be clean. No R rated sites.
2. Only FIVE links.
3. MUST tell 5 people.
4. A link back to the person who tagged you
5. Lara’s Place is the meme originator

You've all been tagged and I can't wait to hear your responses.

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