Friday, September 07, 2007

Geoff Sharp's 40 Sites

Geoff Sharp is, well, very sharp. I’ve been enjoying his thought-provoking and often witty posts over at Mediator Blah Blah for years. Recently he tackled the question of what role spirituality plays at the mediation table and garnered some interesting comments.

Now, he’s sharing his list of 40 Sites in 40 Minutes, which was meant to be his secret presentation for the LEADR’s 10th International ADR conference, the most important gathering of New Zealand and Australian mediators. That is until he got outed.

The list is really impressive, both in scope and in the quality of content. It’s amazing because I remember when there weren’t any truly robust information or discussion portals for mediators. Now, via the Internet, mediators everywhere can be in community with each other. It’s quite gratifying to know that Mediation Mensch and were included on the list.

I encourage you to drop by and see for yourself. I know I’ll be visiting new-to-me sites like the Bond University newsletter and Passion, People and Principles.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!

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