Monday, October 29, 2007

6 Questions about Mediation Marketing Coaching

“What is individual coaching like?” That’s one of the most common questions mediators ask me. Normally, I take care of this with a brief call or email, but I thought it would be helpful to share what happens at a ‘typical coach session’ in an article, too. Let’s dive right in.

What Will We Talk About?

Anything you want that will help you achieve your goals. Really- no pressure. Whether you know exactly what you want to talk about or you need a kick start, you can have exactly what you need during your coaching session. Some mediation marketing clients come to me with a specific concern they want to attack like nailing down a niche or feeling more confident as marketers or generating a list of article titles. Others start with a fairly broad notion- I want to do mediation- and we go from there.

All calls start with greetings and a simple ‘catch up’ so we can decide what to focus on for that session. All calls are recorded so you can concentrate on your thoughts and the exchange of ideas, not taking notes.

Is It All Talk?

Absolutely not, this work is action oriented. Sure, we’ll spend time discussing interesting questions meant to give you more insight into your own interests, strength and barriers. However, coaching is not therapy. Often by talking you’ll be re-discovering ideas and concepts you already know (but aren’t doing). Creating action steps and new plans flow naturally from these conversations. And, that usually means homework. Action brings results.

Will The Coach Pressure Me?

No. I’ll certainly ask about the homework because part of what I offer is a way for you to hold yourself accountable. However, there aren’t any penalties or hard feeling. I’m there to support you in the way that is most effective and comfortable for you. Just like mediation is about self-determination so is coaching. People who coach with me want successful mediation practices so they usually do their homework and more.

Is Coaching Expensive?

I worried about this, too, when I first tried coaching. I’ve purchased coaching programs that cost several thousand dollars and ones that were just a few hundred per month. I came away from these experiences understanding what makes for good coaching and a few theories that I put into practice with my own Breakthrough Calls.

Coaching doesn’t have to be expensive. The expensive coaching programs aren’t necessarily better – they simply cost more, which sometimes is equated with quality. Here’s the real question you want to ask yourself:

Can this coach help me with the issues I currently face and achieve my goals?

With the right coach, the value you receive- better resources, better marketing, more clients- will far outweigh the cost. I think good guidance and support should be value driven and affordable so that’s what Breakthrough Calls represent.

When Will Coaching be Finished?

There isn’t any set number of calls to this mentoring program. Just like websites and gardens, building a successful mediation practices requires frequent tending of your conflict resolution skills and marketing skills. There’s always more to learn. You can book sessions whenever you need or want them. Use the calls as you see fit: monthly check ins, quarterly roundup calls or maybe just a question or two.

But what’s it really like?

Fun and focused. We get a lot done but in a fun, humorous way that’s inspiring and hopeful. Clients say they leave the calls with clarity, a positive outline and….homework.

If you'd like to try coaching a Mini-Breakthrough Call is a good way to get your feet wet.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!




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