Thursday, November 01, 2007

Take This Idea, Pls-DR for Daycare Providers

Do you know what true conflict is? Getting a 2 year old in a snowsuit quickly when he or she doesn't want to do it.

Help Them, Help Us

Over the years, I've learned that child care is a pressure-filled industry. You can imagine all the different issues that arise. Payment is late. Parents are late. Care-givers struggle to work together and be appreciated.

Most often these business owners, who are typically women, combine the patience of Job and the diplomacy of Colin Powell to give each family a good experience. But there are situations, staff issues or families they just aren't equipped to handle. The door is open to someone ( eh, you) to take advantage of this opportunity.

Daycare Dispute Resolution

How about making the nanny your niche? Teaching child care professionals how to identify, manager or prevent conflict is an overlooked market. The product ideas are limitless: training for staff; training for directors, mediation services to a multi-location provider; conflict coaching for directors, conferences... the list goes on, and we didn't even mention any of the passive income, audio or virtual products you could easily create to generate more revenue and support these deserving folks.

Growing Up

By the way, this is a growing niche. That means you'll have a self-renewing batch of clients to court as customers. According to the US Census, there are over 20 million single parent families. That's a whole lot of child care and loads of new and different causes for disagreement that needs mediating. Of course it goes without saying that you should do the niche evaluation for yourself. (Grab the audio of Three Keys to Making Money as a Mediator from my homepage for a discussion on picking the right niche)

Let Me Know

Take pity on a very curious woman. I send these ideas out into the world and just want to know if some of them found good homes. Drop me a note if you are inspired to put this, or any other 'Take This Idea' idea into action. Maybe we'll even share your journey here at Mediation Mensch!

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!


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