Friday, December 21, 2007

Biz, Net, Info or Not: Picking a Domain Extension

It never ceases to amaze me how complicated something very easy can become. Got a problem. Easy solution- talk it out. Want a domain name- get the .com. Quick,simple, easy...right? Wrong, there are many options about domain strategy. This is my take on it.

Which One is Best?

Monica, one of our members, recently made the huge transition from her day job to full-time ADR professional (Yeah, Monica!) She wondered about whether she should get the .biz,net,info domain extensions when she purchased her .com. Here's my answer:

    Way to go! About domain extension. It's personal choice although Go Daddy will tell you that it protects your site from future competitors or loss of redirected traffic (i.e. grabs traffic from It's a toss up.

    So this last shopping trip I split the different and bought one domain with 'all the sides' and one without. We'll see over the year ifthe investment pays off.

Of course, there's a better answer than this. So, if you know it, please leave a comment.

Getting a Bargain Domain

Every little penny adds up when you're building a practice. Get in the habit of looking for less expensive options (that doesn't just mean low cost but also high value).

Before purchasing domains from Go Daddy ( the registrar I use) SEARCH for a COUPON. I got the annual rate down from 9.99 to 6.95. HOw? I Googled 'go daddy coupons' found a site and plugged in codes until one worked in the shopping cart

What's this mean to you?

Pick what you want. It's highly unlikely that failing to get the extra extensions will be the end of your practice. The real gem I got from Monica is: TAKE ACTION.

Try. Fail.Learn. Grow!




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