Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Your Plans for 2008- Start NOW!

Stop and ask yourself: what's the one thing I'd like to accomplish this year?

Are You Full of It?

It's a tough question. Answering requires courage, vision, and most of all discipline. Discipline is where most of us, including me, get stuck.

Like most entrepreneurs I'm full of it--good ideas, that is. I'm a fountain of great business and marketing ideas but what really matters is what actually gets done.

Because, unless you have priorities in place, your good ideas will go to waste. Narrow your focus until you have one good, possibly great idea, then give it all you got.

At her blog, Jan Marie Dore, executive business coach for professional women, posts a list of questions that I thought I'd share with you as a first step:

    Q: What were your greatest accomplishments in 2007?

    Q: What were your biggest challenges of 2007, and how did you overcome them?

    Q: Where did you hold yourself back last year or play smaller than you could have?

    Q: What was your biggest learning or insight last year and how are you implementing what you learned?

    Q: What did you not do that you wish you would have done?

    Q: How can you use this information to make 2008 your best year ever?

A terrific list to which I would add:

Q:How can you create systems that automate your work and give you time for reflection?

Q:What are the unique ways in which you can reach and serve your market?

I'll be very curious about the answers so feel free to use the comment area!

By the way, Jan is also an expert on leveraging what you know to create passive income. You, yes, you have knowledge that can help someone and your bottom line! Join Jan and I as we discuss how on Thursday, Jan 10th at 10 PST/1 EST
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Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!



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